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Austin Texas Artist David Shores - Biography

Austin TX Artist David Shores MyspaceAustin TX Artist David Shores - Biography

Austin, TX. based artist David Shores was born in Wichita Falls, TX. on July 20, 1978. He lived with his mother and step-father in Stamford, a small town farming community in North Texas, where he attended high school. Shores spent his summers with his father and siblings on the Waggoner Ranch where he constantly doodled and sketched. His family was very encouraging in his talent supplying him with constant art supplies and tutoring. He says that most of his influences come from his family.

"My mother, father, older brother and grandmother were all wonderful artists. I learned so much from them. They each had their own style, and I feel like we pulled off of each others talents. My mother is great at very precise technical art. She loves to create art from nature: birds, horses, butterflies, etc. My grandmother was a china painter. I spent quite a few summer days, as a kid, with her at her china painting classes where she would paint beautiful and highly detailed flowers, butterflies and birds. I would attempt with my watercolors to do the same.  My father and older brother have a similar style to mine being more cartoony and comical. We spent hours trying to top each other with whimsical comical and sometimes obscene caricatures. Every Christmas, no matter what, we received an art pad and pens. It was great. I miss that." - David Shores

Mr. Shores studied studio art, majoring in screen printing, at Angelo State University in San Angelo, TX. from 1996 - 2001. He moved to Austin, TX and studied 2D and flash animation under Mike Stevens, a specialist in Disney cartooning. Shores' diverse talents in the art world include: Artist David Shores Art Gallery

David Shores currently spends most of his time working on various projects, artistic and mechanical. When not working he enjoys his free time with his wife Kelly, two kids and dog.

David Shores' work is on display at: Birdhouse Gallery, Get Directions: Here
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